Lean Manufacturing is a business improvement philosophy that has developed over many years, it is a method to better focus your business on the true needs of the customer to help you prevent waste from being built into your production system. 

You will hear a lot about removing waste from your processes when you talk to people about lean, most practitioners work hard to identify and then eliminate every instance of the seven wastes that they find within your processes. However many forget to look at what the customer really wants and they end up making wasteful processes more efficient, so you get better at doing something that the customer does not require.

Implemented correctly Lean does not identify and remove waste, it prevents the waste from happening in the first place.

Would your business benefit if you could offer your customers shorter lead times, greater reliability, lower prices etc? Of course it would, well a lean production system will give you all of these advantages over your competitors.

In addition to this, lean will reduce your internal costs, your processes will be more efficient and less wasteful. You will have less of your businesses cash tied up in inventory and work in progress, enabling you to spend it where you want.

Lean coaching will improve your staff’s morale as they become more and more involved in your business and improving what you do, their motivation to challenge and change current practices will improve dramatically.

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